FULL EVENT: President Obama Farewell Address / Obama Final Speech (January 10, 2017) #ObamaFarewell by DONALD TRUMP SPEECHES & PRESS CONFERENCE   5 months ago


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Watch Live: President Obama Final Speech as President - President Barack Obama farewell address (1/10/2017) President Obama’s Farewell Address live - #ObamaFarewell

President Obama will deliver his farewell address from Chicago on Tuesday evening

President Obama Farewell Address / Obama Final Speech January 10, 2017

Reflecting upon his time in office, the speech will likely be Obama’s final appeal to preserve his achievements as president, such as the Affordable Care Act. Obama will return to Chicago, where he began his political career, to deliver the address from McCormick Place, a convention center in the city’s downtown area.

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President-elect Donald Trump holds first press conference since election

Donald Trump Press Conference since election

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