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Overwatch’s SOMBRA has finally been revealed at Blizzcon 2016 - New Hero, new lore and story hype! Join me in this vid for all the fresh Overwatch Blizzcon news on Sombra, Oasis - a new map, Arcade mode, Eco Point Antarctica and more, as well as the other Overwatch announcements!

**All Overwatch Blizzcon 2016 News and Coverage!** - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6PXefjXaOjNvbG1ucN8B9fgTOYcVV9iQ

Sombra’s finally here when we need her! In the Blizzcon opening ceremony that’s just finished, we finally saw our new hero - with an Origins trailer, gameplay and more new goodness for Overwatch! In this I summarise the reveal animated short, all the Sombra news, and all the wider Overwatch announcements too including the new map - will do individual videos for all of these as make sense, including Sombra’s lore very soon!

What do you think of Sombra’s playstyle and XXX designation as a class? Do you like the look of her abilities - hack, thermoptic camo, translocator and EMP ultimate? Is she what you hoped she would be? :) Would love to hear what you think in the comments - any feedback on how I can improve this or future vids, much appreciated.

I specialise in Overwatch Hero Lore, world lore, Voicelines and Interactions and all things Overwatch, so please check the rest out on my channel, as well as more Blizzcon News over this weekend - do say what you think in the comments! :)





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